The PROSTAGRAM results have been released at ASCO 2020

Thank you to all the men that took part in this trial

The PROSTAGRAM results have been released at ASCO 2020

Thank you to all the men that took part in this trial
Making prostate cancer visible

A PROSTAGRAM provides highly detailed images of the prostate and identifies suspicious areas within the prostate. Initial research suggests it is more accurate for detecting danagerous prostate cancer than the tradiational PSA blood test.

Better diagnosis and treatment

Once doctors can see any cancer in the prostate, these can be targeted with sophisticated MRI-guide targeted biopsy techniques. It can then be treated using minimally invasive techniques which kills cancer cells without destroying healthy tissue and less likely to cause side effects such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.


Prostagram uses magnetism to produce a detailed picture of the prostate making it safe as well as non invasive. It avoids the need for rectal examination which is men find uncomfortable and embarassing.

Developed by experts, for patients

Prostagram has been developed by a team of dedicated researchers with a wealth of experience in prostate cancer diagnostics. Our mission is simply to develop a safe, effective and non-invasive test which can be offered to all men for prostate cancer.


PROSTAGRAM has been successfully tested in a study of over 400 men across the UK. In this study we were able to compare different ways of scanning the prostate, optimise the technique and find the best approach to score the prostate.

Map of PROSTAGRAM recruitment

Meet the investigators

The team is led by Professor Hashim Ahmed who is a Chair of Urology & Consultant Urological Surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He is an internationally renowned researcher in prostate cancer and pioneered the field of prostate MRI. His previous research has established new paradigms in prostate cancer and he has been supported with funding from many charities including the Prostate Cancer UK, the Medical Research Council (UK) and the Wellcome Trust.
Dr David Eldred-Evans is a Royal College of Surgeons research fellow and academic urologist. He developed PROSTAGRAM while completing a PhD in prostate cancer screening and set up the first clinical trial. He is supported by charities including the British Medical Association, the Urology Foundation and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Prior to starting PROSTAGRAM, he was funded with a research fellowship from Imperial Health Charity and worked on the award-winning Rapid Access to Prostate Imaging and Diagnosis Pathway.

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