Find out more about our active clinical research trials which are transforming the way prostate disease is detected and managed

The PROSPECT trial is investigating novel diagnostic techniques and treatments in men referred for investigation of a possible prostate cancer or for urinary symptoms

Pending Approval

Randomised Trials Innovation

Mens' health

Mr Edward J. Bass

CHRONOS is a uniquely structured trial, randomising patients that require treatment for new localised prostate cancer, between whole gland treatment and focal treatment, to compare treatment effectiveness


Randomised Control Trial

Investigating Radical Vs. Focal Prostate Cancer Therapies

Miss Deepika Reddy

The ATLANTA trial investigates treating the prostate and other cancer deposits in men with already advanced cancer in a bid to halt further spread


Randomised Control Trial

Treating the local prostate tumour and metastasis

Mr Martin J. Connor

PROSTAGRAM aims to find and trial an imaging technique, like mammograms for breast cancer, that could be offered as a screening test for prostate cancer

Closed to Recruitment

Screening Study

To find an imaging technique suitable for prostate cancer screening

Mr David Eldred-Evans

Recent Publications and Presentations

A 714 Expert Prostate Biopsy Series

A multi-centre analysis of detection of clinically significant prostate cancer following transperineal image-fusion targeted and non-targeted systematic prostate biopsy in men at risk

Is Double MRI Reporting Needed?

Analysis of the benefit of a secondary MDT evaluated prostate MRI review compared to an expert radiologist MRI review alone. Presented at the British Association of Urological Surgeon Conference June 2019

Re-thinking the Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Pathway

The acceptability of the RAPID Access Prostate Imaging and Diagnosis (RAPID) Pathway

Man vs Machine

Comparison new technology-assisted targeted biopsy to traditional human-brain guided biopsy techniques. Presented at British Association of Urological Surgeon Conference June 2019

Outcomes of a simulated randomised control trial between prostate cryotherapy and prostatectomy

A comparison of cancer control outcomes at 5 years of Focal Therapy (using HIFU & cryotherapy) to Radical Prostatectomy for clinically significant non-metastatic prostate cancer: propensity score-matched analysis


A comparison of two radiological scoring systems for detection of clinically significant prostate cancer. Presented at European Urological Association 2019 Annual Conference & American Urological Associaton Annual Conference 2019

Investigating Technological Innovation in Robotic Prostate Biopsy Techniques

A prospective analysis of robotic targeted MRI-US fusion prostate biopsy using the centroid targeting approach. Published in the Journal of Robotic Surgery in February 2019